Hello Love!

I understand that you have a TON on your plate already, so if you only have time to read this one section today, I MUST share this one piece of information with you: 

"Everything is energy & that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help, but get that reality. It can be no other way. This is not philosophy. This is physics."    

                               -- Darryl Anka 

It is time to leave the doubt behind and go unapologetically in the direction of that life you dream of saying Yes to. 


Because you fucking deserve it. 

A Little Bit About Staci (that's me!)

You may know me as a wife, mother, sister, daughter, aunt, granddaughter, student, ex-wife, employee, co-parent, manager, photographer, co-worker, friend, entrepreneur, promoter, coach, graphic designer, and probably a few more that I am forgetting. 

But among all of that, I am still learning who "Staci" is. Because while those titles may give me a sense of belonging, and guide me on how to fulfill those roles, they are not inherently me. 

I recently learned that I am a life path #11, which makes total sense, because I definitely use my intuition and sense of what is going on around me to understand the workings of the Universe. And I absolutely LOVE the privileges I have been given with this life. 

I love connecting with people. And being part of something so much greater than I could ever imagine. I love sharing my life through social platforms (my favorite is Instagram) and empowering women to embody their higher self & pursue their desires. I love chilled wine. And being a mom. I love being ridiculously in love with my husband. And cheesecake.


I ADORE cheesecake. 

And it's SO easy to love all these things, because I believe in living MY Yes Life before I dare you to live yours. 

I refuse to settle. Period.


I work full time teaching moms that it's okay to step out from beyond the title & uncover their fucking truth. I am raising four kids to believe in the power of the Universe and to never stop going after their dreams. I am a badass woman paving the way for generations to follow. I will have my Master's Degree before I'm 30. I am a CEO, network marketing "failure," and hater of the 9-5 lifestyle. Oh and I just launched my seasonal self-love box for the woman who's ready to embody her Yes Life - Yes,You. 


I am obsessed with showing working moms like me that there is so much more to life outside of your comfort zone.

I mean, give me a book & a blanket in front of the fireplace and I'd stay there happily forever. But imaginary adventures are not nearly as exciting as the real ones.

Life isn't meant to be comfortable, safe, and uneventful. It's supposed to be full of desire, passion, and moments that will supply you with memories to pass along to your people. I love bright, eccentric, luxurious experiences. 

I encourage you to travel, experience other cultures, and embrace the friendships you make along the way. Because there is nothing quite like staying up til sunrise, drinking champagne & whiskey, surrounded by friends who turn into family in a matter of hours. 

As always, you are invited to follow along with all my updates & crazy adventures over on my blog - The Yes Life Reality (soon to be a podcast!!), and/or connect with me through my social media pages 

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